Ny Bucket elevators H-50 tørreanlæg

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Type tørreanlæg
År 2019
Totalvægt 850 kg
Sted Ukraine Harkiv
Oprettelsesdato i dag
Autoline ID NP19154
Hovedmål 1.5 m × 1 m × 5 m
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Bucket elevators

The advantages of transport equipment LLC TPK Agromash
• Soft start system. This allows you to increase the safety of the equipment, reducing the starting load on the motor.
• Minimum percentage of injuries to grain.
• Reliable imported gearmotors. Warranty on all models 24 months.
• Maximum sealing nodes.
• Ease of maintenance and repair.
• Compatible with any kind of automation.
• Galvanized, stainless or painted steel housing.
• Heavy duty bearings.

The main technical features of our bucket elevators:
Our company offers the manufacture of grain bucket elevators based on the needs of each client, or according to project documentation, but in general, the characteristics that our equipment possesses are as follows:
• Lifting height from 3 to 60 m;
• Capacity from 3 to 250 t / h;
• Drive power - 1.5 - 65 kW.
Bucket elevators can be made of both black and galvanized metal.
An opportunity to complete with a bucket elevators the drive both domestic, and import production.
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