Ny HARSAN 60 m3 (28,5 Tons) Capacity LPG Transport Tanks gastank

ny HARSAN 60 m3 (28,5 Tons) Capacity LPG Transport Tanks gastank
ny HARSAN 60 m3 (28,5 Tons) Capacity LPG Transport Tanks gastank billede 2
ny HARSAN 60 m3 (28,5 Tons) Capacity LPG Transport Tanks gastank billede 3
ny HARSAN 60 m3 (28,5 Tons) Capacity LPG Transport Tanks gastank billede 4
ny HARSAN 60 m3 (28,5 Tons) Capacity LPG Transport Tanks gastank billede 5
ny HARSAN 60 m3 (28,5 Tons) Capacity LPG Transport Tanks gastank billede 6
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Model 60 m3 (28,5 Tons) Capacity LPG Transport Tanks
Type gastank
År 2022
Første registreringsdato 2022
Rumindhold 60 m³
Nyttelast 28500 kg
Nettovægt 16000 kg
Totalvægt 44500 kg
Sted Tyrkiet
Oprettelsesdato i dag
Autoline ID MX29458
Chassis stål
Holder til reservehjul
Tryk 17.2 bar
Afprøvningstryk 24.6 bar
Tankvæggenes tykkelse 10 mm
Endevæggens tykkelse 12 mm
Antal aksler 3
Hjulophæng fjeder/fjeder
Dækstørrelse 1200 R22,5
Dæktilstand 100 %
Bremser tromle
Tilstand ny
Flere oplysninger

Chassis Will be made of material with “I” type cross-section.
Cross traverses will be in the shape of “I”.
All sections will be welded with gas arc welding.
Axle Local Brand.
3 x 12 ton axle capacity.
Front axle lifts.
Distance between axle 1310 mm.
Suspension Air bellow system.
Z scissors.
Height adjustable.
Brake System ABS Modular System.
Parking Brake.
Support/Lift Legs Quantity: 1 set (1+1)
Static capacity: Each one 25 ton (total: 50ton).
Dynamic capacity: Each one 12,5 ton (total: 25ton).
Wheels + Rims 12 R22.5 PETLAS brand, 12 pieces
9 x 22.5, PETLAS brand, 12 pieces.
Fenders Metal or Plastic Fender.
5TH Wheel Height 1200 mm
King Pin 2” flanged type.
Resistant against stress and rupture.
Made of forged steel.
Bolted system and easily detachable.
Electrical & Lighting System SERTPLAS Brand.
24V system with standard 7 pole plug conforming to European norms. Signature plate lighting lamps.
Signal lamps.
Parking, braking, and reversing lamps.
Side lamps.
There will be some warning stickers on the tank and trailer.
Accessories 1 pc Cabinet for loading-unloading system.
2 pcs Cabinet for Fire Extinguisher
1 pc Bumper
1 pc Water Tank 30 Litres
1 set Spare Tire Bearer Basket
2 pcs Plastic Chock and its Port
Traffic Warning Signs.
Warranty Mechanical parts will be under warranty during 1 year against production defects.


Brand and Condition Brand: HARSAN Condition: Brand New
Volume 60 m³
Tare Weight (Approx) 16000 kg ±1%(System included)
Max. Payload 28560 kg (regarding 85% filling rate, density 0,56 ton/m³)
GVWR 42560 kg
Diameter 2500 mm
Length 13020 mm
Height 4000 mm
Shell Plate Thickness 10 mm
Dished End Plate Thickness 12 mm
Manhole 16’’ – DN400
Warranty Mechanical parts will be under warranty during 1 year against production defects.


Design Standard AD 2000 Merkblatt
Tank and Dished End Type Tank Body Type: Horizontal and Cylindrical
Dished Ends Type: Ellipsoidal
Design Temperature -20°C / +50°C
Design Pressure 17,2 bars
Test Pressure 24,6 bars
Material Material Confirm to AD2000.

The shell and dished end plate material of the tank has been produced as EN 10204 3.1 certified.
Welding Our company has EN 3834-2 certificate in the welding quality conditions system.

Our company has welding procedure qualification records (PQR).

It will be carried out by EN 9606-1 and ISO 14732 Certified welders and welding operators.
Shell and Dished End Welding: GMAW + SAW or SAW
Nozzle Welding: FCAW or GMAW
Pipe Welding: GTAW + SMAW or GTAW
Heat Treatment Will be applied to only dished ends.
Painting System Sand blasting according to SIS 05 5900 in SA 2.5 degree.
One layer shop primer anti-corrosion.
One layer epoxy primer.
One-layer final acrylic paint.
Standard final paint Optional


Welding Control Welding inspection is carried out by personnel certified by the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED - 2014/68 EU).

In accordance with the design standard, resources are checked using one or more of the inspection methods listed below.

Radiographic control EN ISO 17636 & EN ISO 10675
Ultrasonic control EN ISO 17640 & EN ISO 11666
Magnetic particle control EN ISO 17638 & EN ISO 23278
Penetrant control EN ISO 3452 & EN ISO 23277

Inspection Scope.
TW 100% RT or UT
LW 100% RT or UT
CW 25% RT or UT
NW 10% minimum MT or PT
Hydrostatic Test The tank whose manufacture is completed will be subjected to hydrostatic pressure test.

The test will be conducted and certified under the supervision of a third party.


*The following accessories are provided as standard with the LPG tanker-trailer.
* Accessories are covered by a 1-year warranty by the manufacturer.
*Flange connection outlets of the tank are in DIN norm.

*Unless otherwise specified, the cabin of loading-unloading system, is on the left as viewed from the rear of the tanker-trailer.

2 pcs 3’’ NPT Safety Relief Valve ATILIM
1 pc 1’’ NPT Rotogauge ATILIM
1 pc Ø63 mm Manometer (0-40 bars) PAKKENS
1 pc ¾’’ x ¼’’ NPT Manometer Excess Flow Valve ATILIM
1 pc Ø63 mm Thermometer (-30 + 60 °C) PAKKENS
1 pc 3’’ - DN80 Hydraulic Valve ATILIM
2 pcs 2’’ – DN50 Hydraulic Valve ATILIM
1 pc 2 litres Hydraulic Operator ATILIM
2 pcs 2’’ DN50 PN40 Monoblock Ball Valve BATUSAN
1 pc 2’’ DN50 PN40 Monoblock Ball Valve BATUSAN
2 pcs 2” Flanged 3 ¼’’ ACME + Cover ATILIM
1 pc 1 ½” Flanged 2 ¼’’ ACME + Cover ATILIM


ISO 9001-2015 * HARSAN Certificate of Quality Management System
ISO 3834-2* HARSAN Certificate of Conformity to Resource Quality Requirements
Certificate of Pressure Vessel Material
Heat Treatment Report.
Welding Control Report.
Hydrostatic Test Report.
EN 9606-1 * Certificate of Welding
ISO14732 * Certificate of Welding Operator
Certificate of Accessories
NOTE: HARSAN has the right to change the dimensions and the equipment’s used, provided that hold to the production standards.
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